Climate change forces The Netherlands to deal with large amounts of water. As the sea level rises, the risk of dike breaches grows. Supersafe dikes are dikes that are not higher but broader. In fact, they are so broad yo... »»

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TheWaterBlog: Living on the thin edge

In Bangladesh, spring tides wreck dikes twice a month. Lack of funds and excess of bureaucracy means affected communities become 'victims of water governance.'









Like Reality TV? Watch 'Shamba Shape Up'

Anchors of the sassily-named Kenyan TV show visit ailing farms and hook up the farmers with agriculture experts. The show gets over 11 million viewers per week-- much more than Big Brother UK, Jersey Shore and Keeping Up with the Kardashians.   

Webinar Recording: Water and Samiation in the Media

Why are water and sanitation stories conspicuously absent from 'mainstream' media? Ugandan journalist Fredrick Mugira discusses this in the African context.








Sindh's Big Annual Cleanup

Every January, Sindh's mega canal system is shut down and cleaned up. The process looks rather manual-- a large number of people literally scrub away the silt and wash the gates. 

Wash and Hydrogeology: Case for Convergence

Groundwater is key to safe, reliable water supply in many regions of the world. There is a strong case for hydrogeologists and WaSH professionals to work more closely.









The Fringe Benefits of Food Aid

Vegetable oil cans labelled 'USA' are residues of food aid that came into Ethiopia for several decades. Local artisans now fashion them into a variety of appliances.