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Peer-to-peer, Frame-to-frame: Video-centred Horizontal Learning


Groups of persons living, studying or working
in a similar context are all looking for ways to
improve themselves on the same topic. Think
about farmers groups, a batch of biology
students or program managers within one
organization. In conventional training a
teacher shares content in an instructional
          way. Horizontal learning is peer-to-peer
learning through communities of practices.
TheWaterChannel uses video to accelerate
horizontal learning. Our methodology includes
3 components: Youth involvement in
video training, using existing infrastrucutre
and an element of competition.


Targeting youth, as using smartphones, making and sharing videos comes to them as second nature                                         Using existing networks and sharing platforms; rather than create new ones                                         Competition element to stimulate capturing and sharing of stories    



Video-centred Horizontal Learning in Bangladesh's polder areas


In Bangladesh a video-centered horizontal
learning system is developed which facilitates
spreading good agricultural practices among
farmers in the polder areas of Bangladesh.
In these areas Water Management
Groups (WMGs) take care of local water
          Smart phone video trainings were organized
for members of 50 WMG’s. ; 100+ videos made
by farmers through competition. Through
these activities hundreds of good agricultural
practices will be shared among WMGs and a
process of sharing is initiated.


50 Water Managegement Groups
trained. 50% of the participants
were young members.
                    The ‘WMG sharing platform”
Facebook group was opened as
Facebook is used by the members
                      Video contest were organised
resulting in to over 100 farmer
videos. The winning videos will be
officially produced as instructional




Videos made by WMG members: Polder 28/2, Khulna

Videos made by WMG members: Polder 2, Satkhira


Videos made by WMG members: Polder 25, Khulna