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The remote island countries of Kiribati and Tonga in the Pacific rely mainly on fragile groundwater aquifers for fresh water. But groundwater sources just below the surface are highly vulnerable to pollution and salt wat... »»

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Growing Rice like Wheat

Over 30% of the freshwater used in agriculture goes towards rice cultivation. As water becomes more and more scarce, a group of scientists is investigating whether rice can be grown more like wheat- its genetic cousin- using less water and less fertilizer.











Feature: Serious Gaming, Sensible Water Management

'Serious Games' simulate real-world phenomena. They ARE a lot of fun. But do they add any real value to water management? Watch water managers and gaming industry leaders thrash it out.

Dossier: Is the world getting saltier?

Yes it is! Around 20% of all the arable land in the world is irrigated of which 20% suffers from salinization. We lose 1.6 million hectares this way every year.








TheWaterBlog: Fluoridation vs Fluorosis

The presence of fluoride in drinking water is at the centre of two very different issues: low/ middle-income countries battling fluorisis due to fluoride-rich water sources; and high-income countries debating the prudence of adding fluoride in piped water supply systems.

Co-optimizing Solutions: Water & Energy for Food, Feed, Fiber

The world needs to feed more people with less water, amid climate change and growing energy demand, while maintaining healthy ecosystems. This is a tall order, and demands that solutions recognise linkages between competing demands on water, energy, food resources and the climate










Webinar Recording: Farming with Trees in Rainfed Areas

In India, monocultures seem to be failing small and medium farmers. More holistic farming systems offer respite, a way out. Trees have a key role to play in such systems- they insure against crop failure, provide biomass and do much more towards improving resillience of farmers and their farms.