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With stress on water resources growing globally, it is but logical that water productivity becomes a key metric in in water resource management. To put the topic on the agenda internationally, the Netherlands is supporting development of a water productivity database, and building a Community of Practice around the theme. More info: thewaterchannel.tv/waterproductivity Produced by: MetaMeta Year: 2017 Language: English Region: Global »»

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Welcome to TheWaterChannel, home to hundreds of videos and dossiers on key water themes! The latest dossier is ‘Water Productivity.’ Watch videos, webinars, news and blogs.... and share your own!



Water's Date of Death

The 12.000 years old town Hasankeyf and the Tigris Valley is threatened by a Hydroelectric Power Plant project.  This documentary shows the town as a living being faced with the challenge to survive


Water Productivity In Mega Irrigation systems

Mega irrigation systems are among the biggest water users in the world. How to improve water productivity in these large systems? 3 insights are shared by Xueliang Cai, IHE Delft, Judith de Bruijne, Mott MacDonald, and Jeroen Vos, WUR.


Global food waste

A third of the food grown worldwide is wasted. This translates into significant financial and  natural resource waste. This video puts this loss in perspective and gives a few pointers on how to reduce food waste.


Water diplomacy 

Water management *is* conflict management. Regardless of the scale, ensuring that the needs of the people and ecosystems that rely on this critical resource are met effectively requires comprehensive understanding of both water science and water cooperation & diplomacy, including dispute mitigation, management, and resolution.









Artificial Recharge: A Real Solution

Groundwater is heavily over-exploited, causing decline of groundwater levels. what options do you have in an area where groundwater levels decline and where construction of surface water reservoirs is impossible, due to earthquake risks? The answer seems obvious: storing water in the ground

Motorcycle Taxis and Rural Transport

Until the road network and public transport are able to reach all villages, motorcycles and motorcycle taxis will prove crucial to providing access to millions of rural Africans in the coming several decades. 


Sex for Water

Many women in urban informal settlements in Kenya are often forced to barter sex for water. This desperate measure is a last resort to provide for their families, as unscrupulous 'water cartels' take over where government and fair markets fail to provide.


Moving picture of climate change

Glaciers are retreating at an alarming rate worldwide. While the melting of glaciers might be a source of more fresh water in the short term, the total loss of glaciers in the long term will surely be a source of pressure for increased lack of fresh water. Most glaciers around the world are expected to be gone by the end of the century and once they are gone there is no going back.



WAPOR Database

The Water Productivity Open Access Portal or WaPOR, developed by the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) is a tool that uses satellite data to monitor agricultural land- and water productivity throughout Africa and the Near East.