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Monica's Day

Created on 11 February 2009
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A report on village life in rural Tanzania featuring Monica Mahdi, who is a member of a village water association. As one of 15 wives of a Masai Chief, Monica Mhadi?s life has always been better than other women in her village in rural Tanzania. Even so, she lost four of her seven children because of poor sanitary conditions. Luckily, such tragedies are no longer an inevitable part of Monica?s world. Access to clean water has made life safer for Monica and other Masai and Mangati women in Tanzania?s Dodoma and Kondoa districts. A UN backed project has brought them safe drinking water, better sanitary conditions, and community health care. As a result, Monica?s eighth baby was delivered under hygienic conditions with no complications.

More info: IFAD 
Produced by: IFAD
Year: 2008
Language: English



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