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Created on 25 May 2011
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In this short lecture, Senior Irrigation Engineer László Hayde introduces UNESCO-IHE’s Special Short Course on World History of Water Management. This lecture and also the Short Course underline the importance of water history in water education.
Dr. Hayde outlines some interesting historical points in the evolution of hydraulics, particularly in connection with the time-line of European development.  The development and decline of water management systems has invariably marked the rise and fall of great civilizations and empires. Nevertheless, diverse cultures separated by time and distance have shared many basic ideas and practices.

Did you know that:

  • Agricultural production depended on irrigation as early as 3rd Millennium BC in Sumer?
  • The world’s oldest dam was probably built as early as 2850 BC?
  • Urban water management in the Roman Empire was as sophisticated as present day systems?
  • One of the purposes of the world’s oldest large-scale dam (Egypt, 2700 BC) could have been to wet the land to transport giant sculptures by sliding them across?
  • The first gravity dam was probably constructed as early as 7th century BC?

(The 2011 course will be organised from September 12-16. Deadline for applications is August 12, 2011.)

More info: www.unesco-ihe.org/Education/Short-courses/Regular-short-courses/World-History-of-Water-Management 
Produced by: UNESCO-IHE
Year: 2011
Language: English



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