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Water Before Anything: Crisis and Transformation -Umatilla Groundwater

Created on 13 September 2011
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This new and engaging film looks at the possibility of water as a force for bringing people together- rather than pushing them apart. 

As the world faces a future of water scarcity and diminished water quality, this film is a compelling story of one area in the United States and how it is dealing with the issues of water conflict. This unique film engages the audience to look at how scarce water resources can be a bridge to get people to work together.

We are invited into a small community in Oregon, where over the course of five years, residents worked together to find solutions to their water crisis. Filmmaker Sarah Sheldrick interviews a range of stakeholders on the hardships and hopes for their community. Sheldrick's talents as a storyteller successfully integrates these elements with the science of groundwater and the complex steps of a regional task force working through conflict resolution to form policy.

More info: http://water.oregonstate.edu/
Produced by: Institute for Water and Watersheds/ The Wild Horse Foundation/ Sarah Sheldrick
Year: 2009
Language: English




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