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Paper Water (Part 4 of 4) Westlands Water District

Created on 14 October 2011
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Westlands Water District Without a doubt, the Westlands Water District is the most powerful and loudest voice in the battle over water use. This segment of Paper Water looks at who the players are in Westlands and what we believe is their ultimate endgame. Their continuing demands for more and more water have put salmon on the bring of extinction. But, for what? They will tell you they need the water to irrigate crops, which is true. But the land they grow those crops in is toxic, desert soil that will eventually become totally unsuitable for agriculture. They know that but water rights are more valuable than the crops they grow so they continue to demand water that is critical for recovering salmon.

More info: http://salmonwaternow.org/
Produced by: Salmon Water Now
Language: English
Year: 2011



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