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Water Cycle's new definition as "Waterway Cycle"

Created on 02 November 2011
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Our water cycle and its new definition. Video of global "live" presentation by water author/researcher William Waterway Marks at the International Symposium of Aqua Science and Water Resources. The "old" definition of Earth's Water Cycle is based on a definition published 430 years ago and covers only one-third of the water cycle. This "new" definition, called the "Waterway Cycle" covers all three interactive cycles - the Oceanic Water Cycle, the Atmospheric Water Cycle, and the Cosmic Water Cycle.

More info: http://www.watervoices.com/
Produced by: William Waterway Marks
Year: 2011
Language: English



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0 #1 William Waterway 2014-04-27 14:56
Many thanks to The Water Channel TV for facilitating the distribution of water knowledge, news, and events.

Over the years I have presented the new "waterway cycle" definition at international symposiums such as:

1. The International Symposium of Aqua Science and Water Resources that was simulcast to 11 countries.

2. The Waterwheel Third World Water Day Symposium that was simulcast to 13 countries.

3. An before television audiences and water conferences.

Thanks to the help of The Water Channel TV and other water-centric organizations, people are slowly adopting this new definition for our Earth's water cycle.

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