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Punjab Community Water Supply & Sanitation Project

Created on 28 November 2011
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This presentation highlights the impact of the Punjab Community Water Supply and Sanitation Project, an intervention designed to provide water supply to village communities without access to organised water supply, located in the brackish areas of Pakistan’s Punjab province. The project met with considerable success, setting up 750 water supply/ sanitation schemes benefitting around 2.3

Income generation activities were built into the very design of the project. Higher incomes resulted in increased expenditures on sanitation and hygiene, which led to improved health indicators. Conversely, less time spent on fetching water meant people utilise their time more productively and improve their incomes. These are just two of the many visible links between water, sanitation and income that emerged in course of the project.         

More info:http://www.adb.org/projects/project.asp?id=35314
Produced by: TheWaterChannel
Year: 2011




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