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Created on 04 May 2010
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2008 Winner of The Shortie Awards.

This is the story of how the youth in Kibera slum (Nairobi, Kenya) confront daily challenges on sanitation and hygiene. The young Kibera residents, who filmed and edited the film, range in age from 9 to 19 years.

David Were and his fellow youth in Kibera slum confront sanitation and hygiene in the fight of "Flying Toilet." David fears going out at night to relieve himself, because his father lost an eye following a nightly attack during a long call. Kibera slum, Kenya and Africa's largest slum is home to about one million people living in abject poverty without clean water, toilets, electricity and sewerage.

More info: www.voicelesschildren.org
Produced by: Felix Masi
Year: 2008
Language: English subtitles



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