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We Say No to Fracking!

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Created on 14 August 2012
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Saturday 28 July 2012 saw a gathering of communities, environmentalists, scientists, children, bikers etc. in Nieu-Bethesda to raise awareness that the people of South Africa are saying NO to fracking. The Rally was organised locally by Mikey Wentworth with support from Climate Justice Campaign and Earthlife Africa Cape Town. This video was filmed and edited by Liane Greeff of EcoDoc Africa, and produced for EJOLT-CCS. EJOLT is a large collaborative project bringing science and society together to catalogue ecological distribution conflicts and to work towards confronting environmental injustice.EcoDoc Africa is taking the camera to the conflicts and building and sharing a video archive of people's protests against ecocide on earth.

More info: www.ejolt.org and www.ecodocafrica.co.za
Produced by: EcoDoc Africa for EJOLT-CCS 
Year: 2012
Language: English with some Afrikaans 
Region: Karoo, South Africa



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