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The Fringe Benefits of Food Aid

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Created on 01 September 2009
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We are all too familiar with the image of the forlorn Ethiopian, carrying sacks of food grains/ cans of vegetable oil given out by aid-agencies. It continues to appear across media and minds as a visual representation of ‘aid-dependence.’ Less discussed—but equally common --- are sights of a variety of products, fashioned out of cans that much of the food aid comes in.

Made of aluminum/ tin-plated steel, these cans are easy to cut, flatten and fold (as can be seen in this video!). They are used in producing a wide range of consumer goods and appliances: buckets, watering cans, doors, windows, roofs, stoves, mousetraps…. there is much creativity involved!

More info:http://goo.gl/RJgyC
Produced by: TheWaterChannel
Year: 2012
Language: English



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