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TESE-EWB Bafatá Misti Iagu Project (Guinea-Bissau) – Doc

Created on 30 November 2012
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This project promoted by TESE-EWB aimed at ensuring sustainable access to improved water source for the population of the City of Bafatá in Guinea-Bissau.

Who did the Project BENEFIT?
Before the intervention of TESE-ESF only about 20% of the 28,067 inhabitants of the city Bafatá had access to improved water sources. This Project directly benefited the population of Bafatá, increasing the current access to water in a sustainable and safer way to about 45% of the population, roughly 13,375 women and men.
In addition to rehabilitating the water supply infrastructure, our approach furthermore focused on the definition and implementation (with our partner ASPAAB) of an improved water supply management model, which allows the local partner to ensure its feasibility and sustainability.
Who FUNDED the project and who IMPLEMENTED it
The total cost of 436,409 EUR was funded by the European Commission (€324,786), Portuguese Cooperation (€93,123), Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (12,500€) and TESE (6,000€).
The project is promoted by TESE, through its program Engineers Without Borders (TESE-ESF) in partnership with the Association for Basic Sanitation, Water Protection and Environment in Bafatá (ASPAAB) - organization to whom the Government of Guinea-Bissau transferred responsibility for management of water supply in the City of Bafatá and the Regional Water Resources Delegacy in Bafatá (DRRH-B). The project also has the support of EPAL - Empresa Portuguesa das Águas Livres, SA.

TESE – Development Association is a Portuguese NGO established in 2002 that seeks to create and implement innovative responses that best promote social development, equal opportunities and quality of life. Engineers Without Borders (TESE-ESF) is the unit of TESE dedicated to International Development, focusing on the thematic areas of Environment and Development, through the promotion of social entrepreneurship and sustainable access to services and social infrastructures in the sectors of Water, Sanitation, Energy, Waste, Agriculture and Technology.

More info: www.tese.org.pt
Produced by: Juicy.lime
Year: 2012
Language: English



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