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New Fracking Frontiers: Gas Exploration Goes Global

Created on 13 June 2013
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Shale gas exploration has gone global. Energy companies are surveying shale rock formations in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia hoping to discover the next big deposit of natural gas. This report, by correspondent Steve Sapienza, features the voices of residents in two regions, Eastern Ohio and Poland, both touted as new frontiers in shale gas exploration.

Energy companies are already drilling in Poland, using hydraulic fracturing, or fracking -- a controversial method of gas extraction imported from the United States. In Eastern Ohio, the underground injection of fracking wastewater has triggered earthquakes in Youngstown. Fracking wastewater has also been illegally dumped into the Mahoning river. Despite the promise of jobs and revenue, residents in both the Ohio and Poland are struggling to understand the long-term impact of shale gas drilling on their communities. 

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Year: 2013
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