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Leading with Agriculture by John D. Liu

Created on 27 June 2013
Pintadas Solar
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This film is about an SouthSouthNorth Adaptation project implemented in the semi-arid region of...
Wetlands supporting Livehoods in Malawi and Zambia
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A film by Wetlands International that shows the importance of wise use of dambos (seasonally...
A line in the sand
(Media / A line in the sand)
In Alashan, a remote region of grassland or steppe in the Mongolian Autonomous Region of China,...
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When we discuss human impact on climate change, the focus is often on industrial emissions. Rightly so, but our agricultural practices also contribute greatly to greenhouse gasses. Agriculture is currently a big contributor to our climate change problems. However, it can also be a big part of the solution. By designing climate smart agricultural systems, the effects of agriculture could be turned around. People all over the world are investigating what climate smart agriculture could look like. 

More info: www.whatifwechange.org
Produced by: John D. Liu
Year: 2013
Language: English
Region: Global



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