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WaterStep Reaches Out For Typhoon Victims

Created on 03 December 2013
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On November 7th and 8th the strongest storm of the 2013’ swept through the Philippines destroying homes and property leaving tens of thousands homeless and without the ability to provide for their basic needs. WaterStep immediately went into disaster response mode and they have been blowing the trumpet and sounding the alarms for all to come to the aide of our Pilipino brothers and sisters who are is dire need of safe water. To date, WaterStep have raised enough funds to send 15 portable water systems and WaterStep representatives to train local residents on the operation and maintenance of the system. If you want to make any donation to Save Lives with SafeWater please visit www.waterstep.org More info: www.waterstep.org

Produced by: www.waterstep.org
Year: 2013
Language: English
Region: Global



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