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Blue Tech Forum 2013_Cees Buisman

Created on 29 July 2013
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On May 14th, the 4th Annual BlueTech Forum kicked off with the BlueTech Technology Showcases, covering three key water industry areas: Food and Beverage, Oil and Gas, and Smart Water. Delegates learned about the innovative and disruptive technologies of 11 companies and rated each on the potential of its innovative and disruptive technology. 


In this video, Dr. Cees Buisman, Scientific Director at Wetsus, presented a vision of how we can feed the world on a sustainable long-term basis and the technologies that we need to do this, including inexpensive desalination technologies and methods to recycle nutrients.

He shared information about blue-sky technologies being developed in Wetsus laboratories with the world’s leading water technology companies and corporations in order to make this dream a reality.


More info: BlueTechForum
Produced by:  BlueTechForum
Year: 2013
Language: English
Region: The Netherlands



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