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Serious Game - Aqua Republica

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Created on 18 November 2013
Carpa Diem
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An apartment. Bedtime. A little girl lovingly watches a fish (a carp) swimming in an aquarium,...
Groundwater in deep hardrock fissures
(Media / Groundwater in deep hardrock fissures)
This camera work is thanks to Mr P. Ganesh of Ayyappa Aqua Solutions . Here we see how fissures in...
Project movie: AquaLibra
(Media / Project movie: AquaLibra)
This is the project movie of the winning team for the 'Knappe Waterhoofden 2009' contest....
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While the world of Aqua Republica is fictitious, the challenges of sustainably managing a limited supply of water resources in a situation of growing demand between multiple users and uses are very much based on real life scenarios. Aqua Republica is an upcoming online strategic game that helps raise awareness and educate stakeholders of the importance and challenges of managing limited natural resources in the face of multiple and often competing demands in the drive towards sustainable development and climate change adaptation.

The aim is to promote sustainable water resources management by sharing knowledge, to raise awareness and build capacity in some of the most critical issues in water resources management through serious gaming, where participants can experience making decisions in managing a catchment in an interactive and engaging way, and in doing so learn about the connectivity and importance of water resources, as well as the need for careful management.


More info: www.aquarepublica.com

Produced by: www.aquarepublica.com

Language: English

Year: 2012

Region: Global



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