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Recharging aquifers

Created on 15 May 2014
Water Voices - Water Tomorrow, Kiribati and Tonga
(Media / Water Voices - Water Tomorrow, Kiribati and Tonga)
The remote island countries of Kiribati and Tonga in the Pacific rely mainly on fragile...
Groundwater in deep hardrock fissures
(Media / Groundwater in deep hardrock fissures)
This camera work is thanks to Mr P. Ganesh of Ayyappa Aqua Solutions . Here we see how fissures in...
Groundwater A border line case
(Media / Groundwater A border line case)
This video addresses issues around transboundary aquifers. Interventions at one side of the border...
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India has over 22 million bore-wells and its dependency on groundwater is estimated at 65% of total water demand. Bore wells are running deep and running dry. Artificial recharge through rainwater harvesting is one approach to top up bore-well waters along with demand management.
Rooftop rainwater harvesting, filtering the rainwater and then recharging it directly into the borewell is one approach. This experiment tries to understand how much rainwater can be directly fed into the bore-well during rains. Looks like a lot...

More info: www.rainwaterclub.org
Produced by: Zenrainman
Language: English
Year: 2010
Region: India, South Asia



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