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Created on 05 June 2014
Safe Water in Sri Lanka
(Media / Safe Water in Sri Lanka)
UNICEF, along with the European Community Humanitarian Aid Department, and other partners, is...
The Seventh Video on Community Water Supply Management
(Media / The Seventh Video on Community Water Supply Management)
This 15-minute video presentation is an appeal to decision-makers to support rural communities in...
Voces de Mujeres
(Media / Voces de Mujeres)
This film shows the sustainable experience of four communities in establishing drinking water...
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1.8 Million people will die this year of waterborne diseases. Most of these are children. Learn how you can help save a child's life! In this video a straw is presented that purifies water. It can be hanged around a persons' or childs' neck so that they bring it with them everywhere. You could even stick the straw in a puddle and the water will go through a filter before reaching the mouth. The straws can be used for a year.

More info: Water is Life
Produced by: TheGiftOfWater
Language: English
Year: 2009
Region: Global



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