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Kitui Sand Dams

Created on 01 December 2008
A line in the sand
(Media / A line in the sand)
In Alashan, a remote region of grassland or steppe in the Mongolian Autonomous Region of China,...
Sub Surface Dams
(Media / Sub Surface Dams)
This part of the Windows on Training Series gives explanation on sub surface dams. More info:...
Advancing Sands: Deserts and Migration
(Media / Advancing Sands: Deserts and Migration)
The BBC World TV debate was filmed at the headquarters of IUCN ? the World Conservation Union. It...
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Water availability and water quality are of vital importance for future development. This video shows 'the Kitui sand dams' project in Kenya, where with strong community participation, adaptation to climate change can be successful and can even provide an increase to regional economic growth.

More info: CPWC
Produced by: Arena Films
Year: 2006
Language: English



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