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Bridging Waters 2: I Shouldn't Be Alive (Limpopo)

Created on 16 January 2015
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Shared by four southern African countries, the Limpopo River is important to livelihoods of all who live on its banks, but as much as it is a source of life, it can just as easily bring death. In early 2013 heavy rains flooded the river basin, shattering livelihoods and leaving Mozambique and its people devastated.

This is a gripping true story of one of the survivors, Francisco, who was stranded in the raging flood waters for five days after being faced with the decision of saving himself by swimming to safety, or risking it all and sticking with a group of eight others… who couldn’t swim.

More info: www.bridgingwaters.com
Produced by: FOP films for SADC
Language: Portuguese with English subtitles
Year: 2014
Region: Southern Africa



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