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Bridging Waters 2: Ruvuma Short Film

Created on 26 February 2015
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This short film calls us all to stand together in unison as we look away from the short-term gains that can be made out of incorrect small scale mining practices in the Ruvuma River Basin and rather focus on long-term sustainable solutions. 

Would you choose the path of integrity even if it meant your children couldn’t go to school?

The Ruvuma River Basin shared by Tanzania and Mozambique is one of Africa’s last pristine wildernesses, but Nassoro knows all is not well… the River’s level has been dropping. Small Scale Mining, Wild Fires and Charcoal Production have all been leading to its demise and even a bigger change is foreseen from the recent gas discoveries.

This true story follows Nassoro as he wins over the hearts and minds of those in his community in his unswerving commitment to provide for his family without destroying the environment.

More info: www.bridgingwaters.com
Produced by: FOP films for SADC
Language: English, French and Portugese subtitles
Year: 2014
Region: Southern Africa




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