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Mega Irrigation Schemes

Created on 20 September 2016
Bunds in Pakistan
(Media / Bunds in Pakistan)
Discussion among farmers on how to build bunds in a spate irrigation system, Pakistan More info:...
Spate Irrigation Ethiopia
(Media / Spate Irrigation Ethiopia)
Short video on spate irrigation in Ethiopia by Oromia Government and the Spate Irrigation Network....
Gediz river pilot story
(Media / Gediz river pilot story)
The Gediz river basin (Turkey) is one of the nine pilot areas of the project PLEIADeS...
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Over the past 2-3 decades, the focus of national governments, international organizations, NGOs, researchers, and farmers themselves has shifted towards small-scale systems. This shift is organic and often necessary. However, it has come at the cost of falling investments in the operation and maintenance of mega irrigation systems, even though they continue to be some of the biggest agricultural water users.

More info: http://thewaterchannel.tv/dossiers/mega-irrigation
Produced by: TheWaterChannel
Year: 2016
Language: English
Region: Global


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