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Erik Nissen-Petersen: Infonet Biovision

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Created on 08 July 2010
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In this interview with TheWaterChannel Erik Nissen-Peter explains the importance of the right communicational methods. 
The latest development is Infonet Biovision which has a large section on water focusing on water as a business. 
Biovision is a web-based information tool offering trainers, extension workers and farmers mainly in Africa quick access to up-to-date and locally relevant information.
The information of Biovision which will be placed later on mobile phones because almost every farmer has a mobile phone, making it accessible to a large group.

More information: www.waterforaridland.com and www.infonet-biovision.org
Produced by: TheWaterChannel
Year: 2010
Language: English 



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