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Sandbar Cropping: Hope 4 Millions @ Practical Action Bangladesh

Created on 03 September 2018
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Its an innovation of Practical Action by the way of Nazmul Chowdhury (2005 at Disappearing Lands Project Gaibandha 2004-2009, funded by BLF, UK). The innovation has hugely funded by DFID to the cause of extreme poverty "Pathways From Poverty" since 2009-2016 for its scaling up in NW Bangladesh and very recently by the project "Pumpkins against Poverty" 2016-2018. Since 2014 the innovation has greatly assisted by Securing Water for Food (SWFF, Round-1, Funded by USAID, SIAD, Govt. of NL and Science & Technology SA) for its commercialization, focusing water efficiency and food production.

More info: https://securingwaterforfood.org/innovators/practical-action-sandbar-cropping 
Produced by: Nazmul Chowdhury
Region: Bangladesh, South Asia
Year: 2017
Language: English




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