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The Cloud Shepherds

Created on 18 February 2019
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This is a journey to a place nobody has filmed before: the amazing cloud forests of northern Kenya, and their shepherds, the pastoralists who take care of them.
In July 2016 Dr Cuni Sanchez, a biologist from the University of Copenhagen, lead a filmmaking expedition to the remote cloud forests of northern Kenya. We climbed Mt Nyiro, Mt Kulal and Mt Marsabit and collected plant and water samples. We also participated in an environmental education program in a primary school in Marsabit town and we gave a talk at the British Institute in East Africa (BIEA) in Nairobi, to ensure that the citizens of today and tomorrow learn the value these unique and fragile ecosystems. We are deeply grateful to the Scientific Exploration Society and Neville Shulman for giving us this amazing opportunity

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