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The Day of Life: Goodbye to the Thirst

Created on 19 January 2011
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On the day the faucets opened and the water began to flow in Kijigari village, the villagers gathered in celebration. School children read letters, sang songs and danced, expressing gratitude for this first "Day of Life". Amman Imman's founder and director, Ariane Kirtley, and Niger Program Director, Denis Gontero, attended the celebration. The residents of Kijigari expressed their gratitude to Amman Imman: Water is Life for bringing water, quenching their thirst, and ending their suffering. Support Amman Imman's mission to bring water to the entire Azawak region, http://www.ammanimman.org/donate.

More info: www.ammanimman.org
Produced by: Amman Imman
Language: English



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