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The DREAM ASAL 2019 Conference was organised in Semera, Ethiopia between September 29 and October 03, 2019. Organized jointly by the Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture and the Afar Bureau of Livestock, Agriculture and Natural resource Development  and the GIZ SDR Support Programme, the conference took stock of the most promising approaches in the arid and semi-arid lowlands of Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa. It hosted a large and diverse number of participants: pastoralists and agro-pastoralists, decision makers, international development partners, governmental implementers, civil society experts, researchers, and others. 

Topics discussed included:

  • Participatory Planning with Pastoral and Agro-Pastoral Communities
  • Biological and Physical Land Rehabilitation
  • Rangeland Management, Grazing Management, Carrying Capacity
  • Livelihoods Development
  • Water Supply and Disaster Risk Management
  • Competence Development
  • Framework Conditions and Strategic Policy Advice

The event consisted of three parts:

  Pre-conference: The Challenge of invasive species: new ways of use or eradication  
  29-30 September, 2019 
  • Agenda: 
    • Click here to download
  DREAM Excursion                                                                                                              
  October 1, 2019 
  • Agenda: 
    • Click here to download
  DREAM Conference                                                                                                           
  October 2-3, 2019 
  • Agenda: 
    • Click here to download

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