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As part of its various projects, and in collaboration with its various partners, TheWaterChannel produces a variety of videos from time to time. (View video list)

  • Video package "Water Management and Water Use in Ethiopia" (2009)

    As an offline service of TheWaterChannel we compiled a DVD for lecturers and students, hoping to give insight into management practices and water technologies in Ethiopia. The DVD contains a selection of videos from TheWaterChannel. This projects is funded by Cap-Net and NUFFIC....

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  • Water harvesting productions (2010)

    Three videos on water harvesting were produced by ASAL consultants in cooperation with TheWaterChannel and RAIN. The videos show unique material on water harvesting and introduce the bigger picture and the techniques underneath different fields of water harvesting. The videos include older footage and recent material. All videos were translated to French. Direct link to the videos:Introduction to ...

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  • Water and soil lab videos (2011)

    It is a challenge for educational institutes worldwide to offer students the possibility of practical learning. With educational reforms ongoing in many countries the emphasis is shifting away from "chalk and talk" type of teaching. By introducing basic soil and water laboratory tests on video prior to performing the lab test and field exercises, costly lab time is saved. We developed a DVD includ...

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  • Lecture series (2011-2012)

    Insights from Ethiopia,’ a DVD-based package of video lectures on Integrated River Basin Management topics was produced and distributed through universities and research organizations (mostly in Ethiopia but also internationally). The idea was to capture the work and experiences of academicians/ practitioners working at the ground level. Apart from being used as a learning package in educational...

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  • Water Management in Motion (2011)

    Since TheWaterChannel was launched in 2009, we have been receiving frequent requests that some of the videos be made available on discs. Most of this demand came from educational institutions in developing countries, where internet connectivity is often slow and limited.We then carried out among members of Cap-Net, the international network for capacity building in IWRM, a survey to assess the exa...

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