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Water is the mainspring of civilization. This was recognized at the dawn of civilization in Mesopotamia and Egypt. Water was conceived as the source of all things, eternal and primeval. This early recognition of the link... »»

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TheWaterBlog: Breaking Barriers

Some Water User Associations in Ethiopia have been leading the way in encouraging People With Disabilities (PWDs) in farming, water management and making related decisions. Why is that so important? 









Monks vs Mosquitos

In a dystopian future, changing climate, and rising temperatures pit docile monks against blood-thirsty mosquitoes. Who will survive? (No mosquitoes were harmed during the making of this film) 

Transboundary Waters, Transboundary Laws

Complying with international laws/ transboundary water treaties is voluntary. What, then, is their value? A lot, say lawyers, judges and the Mekong River Commission.








Flashback 1964: Castro cuts US navy water supply in Guantanamo

"...The US moves to fill Gitmo’s empty tanks and foil premier Castro’s new efforts to embarrass the great naval base by shutting off its water supply down to a trickle”
...thus begins this 1964 newsreel unearthed from the British Pathe archives  

Sustainable Land Management in Sub-Saharan Africa

12 videos demonstrating 12 techniques that have helped small farmers in the region protect their land from erosion and infertility  









The Global Rush for Farmland

A video series discussing some basic questions about 'Land Grabs,' and how they have been pushing small farmers out of their land-- in Ghana, Mozambique, Brazil and Uganda