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For many years, several communities in Kenya's southeatern Tana Delta sustained themselves through farming systems based on seasonal floods in the Tana River. They are now grappling with climate change and a modern dam that has drastically altered flows through the river. More info: Produced by: Loes van der Pluijm Year: 2017 Language: English Region: Kenya, East Africa »»

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Water in the newsroom

Nothing is more newsworthy than the water and sanitation challenges that we face today. And yet in the newsroom, such stories are conspicuous only by their absence. Chris Mason (CAWST) thinks that's because water and sanitation are seen as distant, long term issues.

The Maya Biosphere Reserve

The Maya Biosphere Reserve is a shining example of how natural resource are best managed-- as well as profited from--in close partnership with communities who have been their custodians for centuries.

Tesla Rickshaws

For hundred years human-operated rickshaws bicycles dominated the scene in villages and towns in Bangladesh. Now rural roads are abuzz with indigenously developed electric vehicles. They do a great job fulfilling rural needs for Intermediate Means of Transport (IMTs).


Roads for Water: A Pitch

They are part of the landscape and affect the hydrology of entire areas. With appropriate design and planning by various stakeholders, roads can be used to harvest surface runoff for groundwater recharge and increasing soil moisture for the benefit of agriculture.









Artificial Recharge: A Real Solution

Groundwater is heavily over-exploited, causing decline of groundwater levels. what options do you have in an area where groundwater levels decline and where construction of surface water reservoirs is impossible, due to earthquake risks? The answer seems obvious: storing water in the ground

How sweet is Tana's sugar?

Journalist Joseph Abuje finds out whether the proposed sugar cane projects in the Tana Delta will be an economic opportunity for local communities or a humanitarian and ecological disaster


Sri Lanka embracing Agro-Ecology

Fazed by a recent spate of kidney diseases among its rice farmers, Sri Lanka is now determined to minimize ecological pollution by adopting the agroecological approach to farming.


Cooking for the soil

Compost and biofertilzer can be prepared by farmers using raw materials easily available on the farm, such as manure, yeast, molasses, milk, and ash.


Prosopis: The Green Scourge

In the last thirty years this hardy well rooted shrub made its way from Latin America to all parts of the world. The area estimated conquered by the invasive species in the last ten years in India, Pakistan, Yemen, Kenya, Sudan and Ethiopia is way above 10 million hectares.