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Yemen is one of the five most water-stressed countries in the world. Climate Change is set to deplete further its limited water resources, which could even lead to conflict among users. Water service-delivery and rural and urban areas leave much to be desired, despite decade-old reforms carried out by the government. Abdulrahman F. Al-Eryani, former Yemeni Minister of Water and Environment, acknowledges the challenges. He, however, frames them with an eye on solutions. Alongside Yemen's water-scarcity, its people h... »»

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Welcome to TheWaterChannel, home to hundreds of videos and dossiers on key water themes! The latest dossier is ‘Water Stories from the Arab Region.’ Watch videos, webinars, news and blogs.... and share your own!

TheWaterBlog: Zaragoza UN-Water Conference

This conference was used as an occasion to analyze water-related SDGs and the role of the various actors for their implementation. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), will build upon the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and converge with the post-2015 development agenda









Primetime Farming in Turkey

There is more to Turkish television than its famous soap operas. Turkey now has 4 TV stations offering 24x7 programming on agriculture.



Mangrove forests in El Salvador

In La Tirana the mangroves are part of a complex ecosystem that protects coastlines from erosion and filters coastal waters. Communities living in and around these forests depend on this natural resource for their livelihoods and care for the biodiversity of these fragile ecosystems.

Webinar: Water Harvesting & Soil Biology

Soil biology is the study of this ecosystem and the ecological functions that it performs. Looking at the micro-organisms living in the soil can teach us many things. They, for instance, influence plant growth, soil structure, the nitrogen cycle and carbon storage. 









Transboundary watermanagement in Southern Africa

The SADC (Southern Africa Development Community) has produced a series of videos zooming in on various river bases in the region and explaining how this transboundary nature is managed by different countries.

Land Grabs: The Global Rush for Farmland

An increase in FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in agricultural lands is not a direct problem. It becomes one when, as a result, indigenous people have limited access to or are forced out of their lands. This feature presents five land grabbing stories from around the globe. 

The Netherlands and Water Diplomacy

The Dutch have been battling water for centuries; as a result, they are famous for their knowledge and skills on water management. Rob Swartbol (Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and Rabin Baldewsingh (Deputy Mayor, The Hague) talk about the importance of water diplomacy. 








The Fringe Benefits of Food Aid

Vegetable oil cans labelled 'USA' are residues of food aid that came into Ethiopia for several decades. Local artisans now fashion them into a variety of appliances.  


Drops of Water, Grains of Sand

15 sand dams constructed in Northwestern Somaliland have made more than 1 million cubic metres of water available to over 6300 households.