Projected change in hydro-meteorological variables

  • Based on 15 Global Circulation Models (GCMs)
  • SRES A1B scenario
  • Four variables: precipitation; evaporation; soil moisture; runoff
  • Annual mean changes for 2080-2099 relative to 1980-1999
  • Regions where models agree on the sign of change are stippled


Fig 4.1 Fifteen-model mean changes in (a) precipitation (%), (b) soil moisture content (%), (c) runoff (%), and (d) evaporation (%). To indicate consistency of sign of change, regions are stippled where at least 80% of models agree on the sign of the mean change. Changes are annual means for the scenario SRES A1B for the period 2080–2099 relative to 1980–1999. Soil moisture and runoff changes are shown at land points with valid data from at least ten models. (Source: Bates et al., 2008)

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