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'Webinars', or web-based seminars, are live online sessions. TheWaterChannel webinars are collaborative; the participants are able to communicate and discuss with the resource persons in real-time. They are free and open to all. If you would like to know more, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


July 11, 2017: 1400 CET

Strengthening Water Integrity:
Momentum after the East Africa Water Integrity Forum 



  • July 11th 2017



  • Rosemary Nakaggwa (Good Governance Adviser at Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in Uganda) (Download Presentation)
  • Håkan Tropp (Director, Water Governance Facility in the Stockholm International Water Institute) (Download Presentation)
  • Tegenu Zerfu (MetaMeta/RPM Water Governance Implementation Program) (Download Presentation)
  • Simon Chevalking (Webinar Chair) (MetaMeta) (Download Presentation)


At the East African Water Integrity Forum, May 9 to 11 2017, more than 140 non-profit actors, politicians, civil society organizations, UN agencies and research institutions shared their experiences and discussed the required actions needed to further strengthen and promote integrity in the water sector.

The three day conference was co-convened by the Water Integrity Network (WIN), the Ethiopian Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity (MoWIE) in collaboration with partners including GWP, IRC, IWMI, the UNDP Water Governance Facility at SIWI, OECD, GIZ, MetaMeta, and KEWASNET.

The forum explored integrity perspectives, challenges and solutions in five main areas, including:

  • Water security and integrity in river basins,
  • Investing in water infrastructure of economic growth and sustainable development,
  • Ensuring transparency in urban integrated water and wastewater management and services,
  • Integrity management in rural and peri-urban community-based water and sanitation,
  • Building resilience to climate-related events and disasters.

This follow-up webinar to the forum will specifically focus on what action is required to continue the momentum for scaling up integrity in:

  • Monitoring
  • Capacity Building
  • Country Action Plans

After the brief presentations from the speakers, there will be room for the audience to engage in a question and answer session. 


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About the Speakers

  • Rosemary Nakaggwa: Rosemary has over 10 years’ experience in water utility management and holds a Master’s degree in Organization, Public and Policy Management. In the period, Rosemary has been exposed to various engagements in the sector which has widened her expertise in the field of management, policy analysis, coordination, capacity building and more.  She has successfully managed multifaceted advisory projects and provided Technical Advisory support to different entities in the water and environment sub sectors in Uganda. Prior to that, she practically managed and monitored water utility schemes, and provided training to private companies on water management and service provision. 
                                     Good Governance has been talked about in various fora. However,  its monitoring can be very tricky given the ambiguity of governance and the fact that it is not an output of its own but rather a process that would lead to better service provision. In the webinar, Rosemary discusses  monitoring governance for improved service provision will focus at informing the need to monitor and report on governance periodically, how to use the results of the indicators to improve service provision, the effective participatory process that would lead to ownership of indicators by the respective entities, and the criterion that would lead to realistic and effective indicators.  
  • Håkan Tropp: Håkan leads Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI)’s overall work on water governance – including water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), and knowledge and capacity development. He also is responsible for SIWI’s project development and execution, including policy advisory services to governments and multilateral organizations, and develops and implements international training programmes for integrated water resources management and integrity and anti-corruption in water. In the webinar, Håkan discusses capacity building aspects of Water Integrity. He will discuss strategies as to how the multitude of such capacity building initaitives at the national level can be brought together on regional platforms; so they can benefit from each other and strengthen water integrity overall. 
  • Tegenu Zerfu: Tegenu has worked over the last 10 years in Water Resource Management and development-Covering Integrated Water Resource Management, River system analysis, Hydrological and Hydraulic modelling, Water Governance Assessment in basin scale. His skills concerns water system analysis, , river system analysis, uncertainty and probabilistic modelling, evaluation of water resource projects, capacity building, institutional assessment, policy studies, technical reviews and providing training. In the webinar, Tegenu presents lessons learnt in Water Integrity, through the process of managing Water Use and Water Works Permits in Ethiopia.

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