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Erosion Control on the Severn Estuary

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Created on 17 June 2011
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A disused sluice on the Sharpness Canal was recently re-commissioned and modernised to release excess water into the adjacent Severn Estuary. When the new sluice was first activated during the summer floods of 2007, the force of the discharge eroded the adjacent foreshore and exposed the original Victorian spillway. In addition to deteriorating stonework from the original structure, saturation of the cliffing face resulted in bank collapse and the loss of designated land following each tidal exchange. The rapid rate of bank retreat meant that the works had to be designed and implemented within a very tight time frame.

Cain Bio-Engineering Ltd (CBE) was contracted as principle designer to repair and protect the Victorian spillway and surrounding environment. This video details the the various components and stages of the project. The completed project is designed to naturally accrete with water-borne sediment and was left unplanted to allow the new sloping terraces to colonise naturally with local species.

More info: Cain Bio-Engineering Limited
Produced by: Cain Bio-Engineering Limited
Year: 2010
Language: English



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