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Recognising Customary Rights

Created on 01 May 2012
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Full Title: Bio-Cultural Protocols: Recognising Customary Rights

Pastoralists across the world have developed breeds that are invaluable assets for humanity: in conserving bio-diversity, adapting to climate change and achieving food security in harsh and challenging environments.

This video captures an exercise whereby the ‘Raika’ pastoralist community in India and the ‘Samburus’ in Kenya were helped to establish their bio-cultural protocols. The protocols document the pastoralist communities’ indigenous knowledge with regards to livestock, and articulate the services they provide towards managing their ecosystems.

In today’s world, as pastoral and other communities struggle to keep their place in the world, such protocols could form the basis of workable pathways to their access and benefit sharing in animal genetic resources for food and agriculture. And that could be crucial to developing sustainable food systems, and achieving food security amid a changing climate.

More info: http://ikrweb.wordpress.com/
Produced by: The League for Pastoral Peoples, Lokhit Pashu-Palan Sansthan and Moving Images
Year: 2010
Language: English




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