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Tribal Women, Afforestation & Sustainability

Created on 23 September 2012
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The documentary is made on the sustainable effort of tribal women in social forestry. The employment generation for the disadvantaged sections of the society, particularly women, scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and landless rural labourers inhabiting the forests and adjoining areas is one of the important aspect of the National Afforestation Program. There is ample opportunity for the structured involvement of rural women's groups under the Programme which provides for plantation and development of degraded forests.

Under the current Forest Development Agency structure of planning and fund flow for the National Afforestation Program, the involvement of local women Self-Help Group is encouraged for nursery raising with a view to utilizing the planting material in the afforestation projects. The SUSANTA BISWAS documentary got OFFICIAL SELECTION and screened in the 15th Kolkata Film Festival and also in the Festival organized to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of NANDAN, the West Bengal Film Centre.

More info: Susanta Biswas
Produced by: Susanta Biswas
Year: 2012
Language: English and Hindi



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