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Life On The Lower Sesan

Created on 21 November 2012
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Just South of Laos, in the Northeast Corner of Cambodia, the Mekong’s most important tributary river system can be found. Known as the “3S” River Basin, it is made up of the Sesan, Sekong and Srepok Rivers. For the Communities that live there, these rivers are the primary source of food and income. However, the Lower Sesan II Dam could significantly alter their livelihoods and the ecosystem as a whole. If built it along will be responsible for some 9% of predicted fisheries decline from Dam construction in the Mekong. This short explores communities’ struggle to be involved in the proposed dams’ development.

More info: http://www.iucn.org/ 
Produced by: International Union for Conservation of Nature 
Year: 2012
Language: Various



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