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The next steppe: Mongolia´s energy future

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Created on 14 January 2013
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Mongolia's energy sector is reforming.This video looks at the culturally specific complexity, the technical challenges and the accomplishments of producing and delivering energy.

Its  the least densely populated country and a extremly important part of the World. Nowadays half of the population live in the capital, Ulan Bator. Its the coldest capital city in the World, around -40ºC, so the heating is a priority.

The mongolian government and the World bank began in an ambicious project to promote a higher level of technical and comercial service, one of the first major investment in years.

This project try to reduce system losses and improve revenue collection in electricity distribution companies. The central emphasis is to improve the reliability and financial sustainability of electricity distribution companies, so that customers have reliable, high-quality services.

Sometimes delivering electricity and collecting the income from the customers become a challenge in Mongolia but today basic normal conditions have improved:  the heating can be used 24 hours per day and the clean water supply is working normaly. 

More info: http://www.whatifwechange.org
Produced by: John D, Liu for EEMP 
Year: 2012
Language: English 



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