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Created on 14 June 2013
Bunds in Pakistan
(Media / Bunds in Pakistan)
Discussion among farmers on how to build bunds in a spate irrigation system, Pakistan More info:...
Spate Irrigation Ethiopia
(Media / Spate Irrigation Ethiopia)
Short video on spate irrigation in Ethiopia by Oromia Government and the Spate Irrigation Network....
Tears ( Lagrimas )
(Media / Tears ( Lagrimas ))
Short movie. A last drop, a last memory lost in the eyes of a girl. Selected for the spot showing...
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The “Sustainable Aquatic Agriculture for Lakes” project, of Grupo Cabal in Nicaragua and the Univesrity of Costa Rica in Costa Rica, will test technologies to cultivate aquatic plants and horticultural and grain crops on floatation, contributing to increase food production without spending fresh water beyond what normally evaporates from lakes.

More info: www.grandchallenges.ca
Produced by: Ms. Schery Umanzor
Year: 2012
Language: English 
Region: Latin America and Caribbean




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