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Roads for Water

Created on 29 August 2013
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Water can be an important cause of damage to roads, but we can also turn this around: roads have a major impact on the local availability water resources.  Roads change run-off, affect subsurface water flows, can cause compaction or gullying – but roads can also route water to storage ponds or recharge areas, can help retain water in dry riverbeds and ensure systematic spreading of floodwater. 

Cities in Sub-Saharan Africa are the fastest growing in the world. Across Africa, these urbanisation trends present multiple new development opportunities and challenges. Road and rail systems – within and between major centres - are improved or extended to ‘unlock regions’, reducing handling time of goods and improving education and health access.

On the other side, the higher road and traffic density also holds a threat; increasing pressure on the natural resources to the - often poor - communities living along the road. As the majority of SSA economies are agricultural based, infrastructure projects should well go through to secure agricultural practices of these communities, and their social well-being. Climate change will only further exacerbate security and access issues pertaining to water, energy and food.

In this video MetaMeta explains how these issues can be tackled and even how road communities can benefit of the road projects.

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Year: 2013
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