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Vertical Gardens, another orientation for urban Greenery- El Medi Ambient

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Created on 31 October 2013
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With vertical gardens cities can compensate for the lack of land to increase the area of ​​green spaces. The largest vertical garden in Europe can be found in Tarragona (Catalonia): It covers 3,200 square meters and one of its strong points is water administration.

The objective of these kind of gardens is to demonstrate that in the middle of the city you can have a structure that encourages biodiversity and is designed with animals in mind. Like any garden, vertical or not, it captures carbon dioxide and eliminates dust and pollution, it controls the rain run-off and helps to regulate the temperature.  With facilities like this cities can compensate for the lack of space and increase their green zones. 

“El Medi Ambient” is a daily program directed by Xavier Duran for the TV3 information service, one of the channels of the regional “Televisió de Catalunya”. It aims to provide an informative but rigorous overview of environmental issues to a broad audience. The programs are not only about natural areas, biodiversity and archaeological remains but also innovation, economics, welfare and health, and they always try to reflect different sides of the argument.

More info: El Medi Ambient

Produced by: TV3

Language: Catalan, English subtitles

Year: 2012

Region: Catalonia



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