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Ijkdijk: Dike Inflitration Test September 2014

Created on 20 February 2015
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On the Delfzijl dike, a water infiltration test was done in order to understand how fast water penetrates through the clay layer of the dike in a situation of extreme flood and storm. A situation that normally occurs infrequently, but where the dike should be able to survive. It is the first time that such a test is done on a real dike. This video (in Dutch) shows the execution of the test.

The infiltration test was executed by Fugro Alert Solutions, Intech, Volker Wessels Telecom and on behalf of the Noorderzijlvest Water and Flood Control Foundation IJkdijk.
Stichting IJkdijk is formed by Deltares, NV NOM, STOWA, TNO, the Dutch business community and Sensor Universe (formerly the IDL foundation).

More info: ijkdijk.nl/nl/home/23-dutch-nl/nieuws/159-persbericht-i-s-m-waterschap-noorderzijlvest-infiltratiefproef-xl
Produced by: Recall Multimedia
Language: Dutch, with English subtitles
Region: The Netherlands, Europe



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