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Agriculture And Irrigation In Wadi Tehama And Mujelis

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Created on 03 March 2015
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This is an episode of a series of episodes for a radio show called ‘Flood Streams’. The show talks about different water-related topics aiming to spread awareness, and consists of multiple dialogues discussing the topic of the broadcasted episode, including interviewing youth (to measure their water knowledge), experts and people from the field; introducing the issue in an acting performance; interposing explanations and definitions between the show’s sections; sharing farmers’ experiences; and finally opening for a discussion inside the studio while hosting different stakeholders.

In this episode, episode 3, Agricultural and Irrigation development which took place in Tihama plain and Wadi (Valley) Zabid is outlined. It also discusses how the idea was brought to life after people had suffered from flood issues demolishing their feeble man-made earthen barriers –built to slow down the flood’s flow –and ruining the lands/farms. Moreover, improving agriculture, its facilities and products; flood water distribution, as well as the livestock in the area along with the issues and challenges faced were also given a mention during this interview highlighting the role of the General Authority for the development of Tihama. This episode is concentrated on talking about Tihama plain while only having one section, an elaborate interview, rather than the usual several sections per episode.

More info: spate-irrigation, arizona
Produced by: Water and Environment Center (WEC)
Year: 2014
Language: Arabic
Region: Middle East



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