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Created on 22 June 2015
OPUR, Conquest of the dew
(Media / OPUR, Conquest of the dew)
Original Title: Opur, ou la conqûete de la rosée. Dew is a source of pure water, modest,...
Louisiana wetlands
(Media / Louisiana wetlands)
With its coastal lowlands sinking, Louisiana pushes expensive plans to re-make the Mississippi...
Stream restoration
(Media / Stream restoration)
Ecologists try to transform ditches into natural streams needed to bring healthy hardwood forests...
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Miss Poppy describes what it's like to be socially excluded, and the impact an accessible washing, water and toilet block has had on her life. Poppy had an accident when she was 12 years old and had to leave her family, she lived on the street for years. She is the caretaker of the WaterAid toilet complex. She was involved in the project from the beginning and asked for a specific toilet block that met the needs of disabled people. She is deemed the person with the highest level of disability in this settlement and represented those with wheelchair access needs. Her situation was extremely difficult in the past. She used to have to go to the toilet either in the fields or on the roadside. She talks about the indignity of this, and of being treated badly because she smelled, as she was previously unable to wash herself.



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