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Studying their springs

Created on 21 October 2015
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The ancient ingenuity of water harvesting
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Anupam Mishra: The ancient ingenuity of water harvesting To promote smart water management, Anupam...
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A knowledge revolution is sweeping across India. Mountain dwellers across the country are learning the basics of hydrogeology, water quality monitoring and engineering in a bid to save their dying springs.In the process, they are turning around their lives. 
Bhupal Bisht, of CHIRAG in the Central Himalayas, speaks about the process and impacts of the Springs Initiative

More info: http://www.indiawaterportal.org/articles/studying-springs-matter-life-and-death
Produced by: India Water Portal
Year: 2015
Language: Hindi, English subtitles
Region: Uttarakhand, Himalayas, South Asia



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