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Golden Terraces

Created on 29 March 2017
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This video shows a community terracing their land to prevent ersion and runoff. It shows the large...
The ancient ingenuity of water harvesting
(Media / The ancient ingenuity of water harvesting)
Anupam Mishra: The ancient ingenuity of water harvesting To promote smart water management, Anupam...
Erosion Control on the Severn Estuary
(Media / Erosion Control on the Severn Estuary)
A disused sluice on the Sharpness Canal was recently re-commissioned and modernised to release...
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Filmed in 5 villages of the Chakhesang tribe, it captures the community’s intrinsic relationship to their land, forest and seeds. The series also highlight community’s natural resource based livelihoods, women’s contribution towards local economy and the vulnerabilities confronting their lives.

This video series is made by 12 grassroot women farmers belonging to the villages of Enhulumi, Sakraba, Thetsumi, Dzulhami and Phuhgi in Phek district, Nagaland. The film makers have undergone a 4-day video documentation training at NEN Chizami in August 2014.This was followed by a 3-day refresher course in 2015. Since then they have been documenting stories of their community, women’s lives, agriculture, food, living traditions and traditional knowledge under the guidance of NEN team.

More info: http://www.northeastnetwork.org/ 
Produced by: North East Network 
Year: 2016
Language: Various, English subtitles
Region: India, South Asia




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