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Glaciers: Peru

Created on 04 December 2017
Climate Change, Peru: Retreating
(Media / Climate Change, Peru: Retreating)
In Pucarumi, a small community in the foothills of the snow-capped Peruvian Andes, Felipe mulls...
Water for the Local Development
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The Human Excreta Index - South Africa
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South Africa. A documentary in which people from 7 countries (China, India, Palestina, Peru,...
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Glaciers are retreating at an alarming rate worldwide. While the melting of glaciers might be a source of more fresh water in the short term, the total loss of glaciers in the long term will surely be a source of pressure for increased lack of fresh water. Most glaciers around the world are expected to be gone by the end of the century and once they are gone there is no going back.
Produced by:Al Jazeera English

Language: English
Region: South America



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